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Located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination for travelers seeking fun in the sun. While the beaches, nightlife, and stunning natural scenery contribute to the city’s popularity, one of the main attractions is the incredible snorkeling opportunities.

Here are four reasons why Cabo San Lucas is the best place for snorkeling tours in Cabo San Lucas.

Diverse Marine Life

One of the main reasons to go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is the diverse marine life that can be found in the area. The Sea of Cortez, which is also known as the Gulf of California, is a unique and biodiverse body of water that is home to a wide variety of species. Snorkelers can expect to see everything from colorful tropical fish to sea turtles, manta rays, sea lions, and even whales in season. Cabo is also home to one of the world’s largest coral reefs, providing a unique and vibrant underwater landscape to explore.

Crystal Clear Waters

Another reason why Cabo San Lucas is a fantastic destination for snorkeling tours is the crystal clear waters. The Sea of Cortez is known for its visibility, reaching up to 100 feet in some areas. This means snorkelers can enjoy unobstructed views of marine life and coral formations. The waters are also warm, making it comfortable to snorkel for extended periods.

Variety of Snorkeling Spots

Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of snorkeling spots, from calm bays to more challenging locations with stronger currents. Popular locations include Santa Maria Bay, Chileno Bay, and Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Each spot has unique features and marine life to explore, making it possible to have a different experience each time you go snorkeling.

Professional Guides and Tour Operators

Finally, Cabo San Lucas has several professional guides and tour operators who can take you on a safe and informative snorkeling tour. These guides know the local marine life and can provide interesting insights about the underwater environment. They can also help you choose the best snorkeling spots based on your skill level and preferences.


Cabo San Lucas is a top destination for snorkeling tours because of its diverse marine life, crystal clear waters, variety of snorkeling spots, and professional guides and tour operators. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, there’s something for everyone at Cheers Los Cabos. We have the best Snorkeling Tours Cabo San Lucas for you that you will surely enjoy.